Jens Otten


Logical reasoning is one of the key characteristics of intelligent behaviour of (most) humans. Automating logical reasoning is a main research area in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The core of this research area is called Automated Theorem Proving.

My research interests are within the field of automated theorem proving. More details can be found in my publications. Most of the theoretical results presented in these papers have been implemented. The source code of these programs can be found in the theorem provers section. Please feel free to contact me.

Research Interests

My research interests are focused on areas in automated theorem proving that are related to one or more of the following topics.

  • Connection-based theorem proving: develop proof methods that are based on the connection calculus.
  • Non-classical logics: proof methods that deal with, e.g., intuitionistic logic, modal logics or linear logic.
  • Applications for theorem provers: apply theorem proving techniques to applications from different domains.
  • Non-clausal theorem proving: develop calculi that work entirely on the original presentation of the given input.
  • Lean theorem proving: implement provers that are not only very compact but also have a strong performance.
  • Benchmark libraries: provide libraries for testing and benchmarking provers for popular non-classical logics.
  • Program synthesis: use automated theorem provers in the development of verifiably correct software.
  • Proof presentation: presenting proofs found by automated theorem provers in a readable form.

Professional Activities

I serve on the program and steering committees of the following international conferences and workshops.


Please contact me if you need further information.